Women's Day - Local Action Day "It's Time - Chapter 2" Erasmus+

Women's Day

In occasione del Women's Day Beyond Borders ha implementato una street action ad Orta Nova, nell'ambito del progetto Erasmus+ Capacity Building "It's Time - Chapter 2".

Project “It’s Time! – Chapter 2” is implemented by Club for Youth Empowerment 018 (KOM 018) from Serbia, in cooperation with Beyond Borders– Italy, SPPMD – North Macedonia, Art Republic Prague – Czech Republic, Cooperbom  Turismo – Brazil, Círculo Raíces Sardas – Argentina and AUDELE - Uruguay. Project will bring together youth workers, activists and young people from Europe and Latin America to work and take action in gender related issues: to explore video production, photography and music as methods in youth work in gender related project and activities and develop new forms of youth work for treating the topic of gender inequalities and gender-based violence and improve their knowledge and improve their skills to organize awareness campaigns on the promotion of gender equality and combat against gender based violence. 📸📽️🎤 

Project is implemented in the period 01.11.2019 to 31.03.2021 in 7 countries – Serbia, Italy, North Macedonia, Czech Republic, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. It is supported by Erasmus Plus program of the EU, through Capacity Building in the Field of Youth – ACPALA.