Un nuovo progetto a lungo termine: EDUcate YOUth project - Nonformal bridges to formal education

Association Youth for Sustainable Development / Asociatia Tineret pentru Dezvoltare Durabila announces start of the project EDUcate YOUth project - Nonformal bridges to formal education, funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ program, Key Action 2 - Strategic partnerships in the field of youth.

The project will be implemented over a period of two years, between 1 March 2021 – 28 February 2023, and proposes one intensive cooperation at cross-sectoral level, youth and education, to stimulate critical thinking and correct information among young people aged 14- 20 years from Romania, Italy and Turkey.

The partners in the project are Constantin Brâncoveanu High School from Horezu, Romania, the Beyond Borders Cultural Association from Corato, Italy and the Regional Department from Belen, Turkey.

“Cooperation in youth and education sectors is a priority of the Erasmus + program, but also a key organizational objective of the Association Youth for Sustainable Development. We are pleased to announce the launch of the project EDUcate YOUth, together with our partners from Romania, Italy and Turkey, to support critical thinking and accurate information of youth in a digital society. We strongly believe that this will be a first step for intensive collaboration between youth organizations and educational institutions, to support the development of key skills of youth using non-formal education methods", said Alicja Elszkowska, President of the Association Youth for Sustainable Development.

The main objectives of the project are:

Develop and strengthen key competences in critical thinking and correct information among 300 youth aged between 14-20 from the partner countries

Generate a pilot cross-sectoral cooperation model between youth NGO’s and educational institutions, partners in the project

Access for 200 youngsters with few opportunities aged 14-20 from isolated rural local communities to non-formal learning resources, and the development of key competencies that stimulate critical thinking and correct information

Crossed-growth of the organizational expertise of 4 project partners in the fields of youth and education, for the development of non-formal methodologies 

The main results proposed by the implementation of the project are:

Generate a methodology for working with high school students, in a non-formal context, for the development of critical thinking and correct information

Create a digital e-learning platform to facilitate the access of young people, regardless of location, to the methods of correct information and avoid misinformation, especially in social media

Launch a pilot model of cross-sectoral cooperation between 2 youth organizations and 2 educational institutions, structured on non-formal education methods oriented towards correct information and critical thinking of youth

During the project, a series of transnational activities will be implemented in Romania, Italy, and Turkey:

2 training courses for youth workers and teachers

5 trans-national project meetings

3 results multiplication events