European Young ESCapists - Sumeyye's Third Month

And I think it was the first month since I came here that I didn't feel time was moving so fast for me, it's my third month here. The excitement of the first month, short trips and volunteering activities became my daily routine, and the time we spent until October was like 1 month in total.

This month, we found ourselves on the edge of the lockdown again, while volunteering activities continued on their normal course. At the end of this anticipation that everyone was waiting for, but hesitating to talk, restrictions started again at the end of this month. Restaurants, curfews, and community gatherings have been postponed for a certain period of time. Consequently, there is a noticeable silence and waiting atmosphere over the town.

What I have written so far may have seemed a bit pessimistic, but I think that what I have written is necessary to recognize what is more than pessimistic, to digest and to take shape again and adapt my life accordingly. Unfortunately, we are going through a process that we have never experienced before, but our lives continue somehow. To give an example, I, who had my first quarantine in my own Country, now look at this situation from a completely different country and the most striking thing I can see is that we are all the same. People should pay more attention to protect their loved ones, take the longing, experience meaningless changes in feelings from time to time, in short, the same feelings about people everywhere.

How easy it is for a person to forget where he started while writing, that's how the days pass. You forget and continue to do the things you do everyday. I am one of the crew who tries to make the things he did during this period productive and be happy. I still cook hot meals for the needy in Mensa in the mornings and prepare help boxes for the same people at Caritas in the evenings. I do not feel lonely, do not get depressed, I am happy to be involved in the community by helping them.

And finally, I continue to make my plans for the other months that I will spend here, and I look forward to the days when we will be free again.