Beyond Borders Opportunities #3

A distanza di un mese pubblichiamo altre offerte di lavoro nella nostra rubrica "Beyond Borders Opportunities" ! Buona lettura!

Tipologia di lavoro: Contratto a tempo determinato di 6 mesi
Dove: Milano, Italia (BEIERSDORF)
Offerta: We are looking for a brilliant neo-graduate, to join our Company from April 2015 in our Marketing Department. The candidate will support the Senior Brand Manager of our brand Nivea; Body/Sun/Hand/Creme/Soft on the main marketing activities:market and competitors analysis; monitoring of brand trends, planning and implementation of promotion and advertising activities, check on media performance; collaboration on specific projects. The role expects frequent interactions with Sales, Procurement & Planning Departments and with the International Marketing Department as well as with External Agencies (Media Agency, Creative Advertising Agency, Research Agency).
Requisiti: We are looking for an open minded neo-graduate in Marketing Management, team-working oriented, with strong interpersonal skills, pro-active, flexible, and interested towards an international and cross-functional career. Fluent English and computer skills (Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express) are a MUST. Previous internship in Marketing and an experience abroad to study or work are required

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